Labour Party history

Labour History debates – a new series kicks off soon

On May 12th at 7.00pm in the Lord Ashcroft Building (LAB) room 109 at Anglia Ruskin (ARU).  A debate/discussion on the history of the Labour Party 1880 – 1922 will be led by Jon Lawrence and Rohan McWilliam.

We will explore some of the issues faced by the emerging Labour Party and the way they were resolved. We would like to focus on areas that are relevant to today and understand how these were overcome in the past.  Everyone with an interest in understanding and contributing to this topic is welcome.

The event has been organised jointly between a small group of Labour activists and the Labour History Research Group at ARU.  There will be five further debates on the second Thursday of each month from June through to November (excluding August). These will cover the time period from 1922 until today.  Why not mark up your diaries now?

Jon Lawrence teaches British history at the University of Cambridge and has written widely on Labour and the politics of class, including in the books Speaking for the People (1998) – a history of popular politics 1867-1914 – and Electing our Masters (2009) – a cultural history of electioneering since the eighteenth century. He is currently writing a history of individualism and community in post-war Britain based almost entirely on the contemporary testimony of working people.

Rohan McWilliam is Professor of Modern British History at Anglia Ruskin University and a former President of the British Association for Victorian Studies.  He is currently editing with Jonathan Davis) a collection of articles on Labour and the Left in the 1980s.


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