Let’s keep the momentum going

I have enjoyed taking part in the meetings of Cambridge Area Momentum. The discussion has been excellent and people seem full of ideas and enthusiasm. It would be great if we can keep discussion and interaction going between each meeting. Part of this needs to happen to share out the work (many hands make light work etc). But importantly to maintain discussion about politics – whether it be global, national or local; the economy; NHS, education or other public service issues; how the CAM could work more effectively; any local campaigns. There is plenty to talk about.

I would like to prompt some discussion by offering the following question (a two-parter). I will give my answer but I hope others will respond with their answers. I hope we can have some discussion.

So the question is:

How can I contribute to Cambridge Area Momentum and what do I want to get out of it?

I would like to use my skills to facilitate the group meeting, organising the room and getting the agenda and minutes prepared and printed. I am happy to chair meetings because I have some experience doing it. But I would like others to do it and I would support if necessary. I am also happy to help out with campaigns and do some canvassing.

What do I want to get out of it? Primarily I want to see a socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn. I also want to talk to people and learn.

So over to you. I would really love to hear others’ views.



About Steven Watson

Education research, critical maths, education policy, economics and politics @steve.watson10
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