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To get us started I’m posting a list of activities and some notes on practicalities. Comments please.

Democracy deficit.
We have taken on voter registration as one activity.
Need for maximum info on who is registered and who isn’t. Where from?

The Big Society.
Legal advice and support for claimants and housing tenants,
Digital championing (vital as more official paperwork goes online). Foodbanks
Who is doing what that we can support. What can be identified that needs new initiatives.
Support for local anti-cuts groups

Public engagement
A stall
Focus for talking to people, finding out what support is wanted, giving advice, advocating support for campaigns…
Stall to have a circuit or several stalls?
Table, banner, transport, leaflets, people
Gather leaflets from all campaigns. Storage and retrieval? Updating?
Protection against wind and rain.
Sympathetic pub/cafe/hall – display space?
Which LP wards do such. Join them.
Where ward doesn’t – propose via ward meeting and recruit people to do the knocking.

Policy forums
Part of the new politics espoused by the Corbyn campaign was devolving the basis of policy making.  These could involve not just discussion of possibilities but the gathering of information on the local state of affairs rooting those discussions in the way things have been and the way they are now.
Can be started with a blog here, or a page on the website

Speaker meetings.
Covering areas of forums, promoting involvement in them.
Need a list of usable spaces, capacity, cost…
Suggestions for initial subjects/speakers

Public forums
A public meeting for existing campaigns to report on their activity and to ask for assistance in specific areas. A Campaigns Council – equivalent of the Trades Council. Maybe quarterly.

Supporting existing campaigns
Establishing and promoting a full diary of events and activities
Regular email compendiums of forthcoming events
Recruiting via public meetings

Socials and cultural events.
Fundraising gigs. Cause of the night – half surplus to CAM, half to specific cause or campaign.
List of venues capacities, costs etc.
Performers? Who do we know?
Socials for us – vital. Hall or pub, or college space?

Educational activities.
For teen
For adults – reading groups?
General political education for adults – history of the  labour movement.
Local radical history exploration
Communication  (writing, speaking, singing, theatre, stand up…), media training, interpersonal (listening, observing, understanding, democratic discipline…),
organisational (running groups, meetings, campaigns…) ,
intellectual (politics, philosophy, economics for starters)


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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. CLARE says:

    Re election of delegates: it seems a shame that when the organisation has been so fastidious in making sure that women (in particular) are adequately represented as Momentum member delegates no mention is made of the same fastidiousness regarding election or nomination of TU and other Labour group representatives. Unless the same criteria apply – ie that at least 50% of all delegates must be women, it makes a mockery of the issue. Will the same criteria for nomination/ election be applied to TU and other Labour group representatives?

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  2. farazcamb says:

    I’ve already booked Labour Party Stalls in Peterborough for this Saturday & 6 May!! ed murphy…..has anyone done so for Cambridge????


  3. farazcamb says:

    copied from his post on cammomentum–

    Ed Murphy Morning
    In Peterborough we had 20,000 non registered voters compared to the figures from last year December on December this is down to the new individual registration requirements in Cambridge the figure was more like 10,000 These lost voters tend to be the young, students, ethnic minorities, short term renters and the low paid. They are left of centre and Labour voters.
    Momentum have helped me and a small team start a registration campaign and the Regional Office provided lists of lost voters and non registered dwellings the first day we went out a small team (3 of us) we registered 20 voters many of whom promised to vote Labour and tell their friends and colleagues how easy it is to register online. You don’t have to be a Labour Party member to help, we’re not flogging papers but simply getting folk to use their smart phone to register to vote. I had a few thousand SOS Register to vote flyers produced by Momentum which have gone out, credit card style how to register cards from Labour and localised and translated cards which a new member designed.
    I’ve now produced a brief note on how to arrange registration events with students and in schools for 16 to 18 year olds.
    Next month there is a National registration week with Some Councils taking action, let’s make it a national one with loads of Momentum.
    ___PS I posted a lot of other ideas – but they did not stick on this page ??


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